Hi my name is Scott Paterson. I am a writer. Always happy to collaborate.


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We played Mozart. He lost.

got born

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Margie & Art Corey
over 30 days ago to new car smell

Dear Mr. Scott Paterson, just heard your super cool song, "Second Fall Of Rome", absolutely Over the Top......Sir!!
Tremendous observation of the World in it's present state. It's funny, that it would take a brilliant Canadian Songwriter to point out the ludicrous condition of the world and the Land Down Under, and I'm not talking Australia either!!
We gave you 5 Stars & Likes
M & A Corey/BMI
PS....if you get a chance, we'd be honored to have you hear some of our compositions, you appear to have the same take on the Universe!!!

over 30 days ago to new car smell

True craftmenship

new car smell
over 30 days ago to new car smell

you are smart. thanks.

i agree about the disco one btw.

needs a real singer


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