I am a composer/singer/songwriter from The Faroe Islands, Europe. The Faroe Islands - located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean - are an autonomous part of Denmark consisting of 18 islands one-half of the way from Iceland to Norway. Population: 49.000 (yep, small country...). We speak our own language, Faroese.

All songs on this page should be considered demos (except for "Promises To Break", which is recorded in Nashville by professionals and sung by my friend Olavur Hojgaard). I play all instruments on these demos. Likewise I sing all the vocals.

Annie´s back to stay

see the sky´s stopped crying now
the sun shines bright on Archers Bow
a snow white cloud holds back its tear
does it know that you are here
that Annie´s back to stay

I´ve been longing for your smile
you can say it´s been a while
since we made our promises
of forever faithfullness
back in childhood days

storms have shaken up my heart, Annie,
at the dead of night
I´ve been freezing in my soul, Annie
and my eyes have cried
for your light

will it ever be the same
can we light the gentle flame
to warm our hearts like way back when
we were young and innocent
in our lovers´ game

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