jolie coalesced in the spring of 2005, bringing together former bandmates David Staples and Sean McKnight. Redbone merged his unique vocals and modern punk influences into the prog rock elements that Dave and Sean had established in their former band Bother. Together they have become something unusual in that their musical stylings are both radio friendly and edgy while maintaining the levity and seriousness that are characteristics of the members themselves.

Fluctuating between genres the band is creating a new type of commercial viability, attracting mainstream listeners as well as underground sophisticates. Over 30 years of combined experience in the profession has provided the knowledge and drive to consistently write quality material without having to sacrifice the integrity of the music. jolie is quality, grace, and longevity.

Jolie spent many weeks on the Broadjam Top 10 in the Rock/Easy Listening category for "In Retrospect".


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