SND-RCV (Send/Receive)

Song Length 4:45 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal



You go in, where I can?t reach
I go out, so I can breathe
I hold on, in disbelief
You let go, so you won?t sink

Is this over, come and tell me how am I supposed to feel?
Break up gently, my heart?s already backed against a wall

Stop taking me for granted
Oh? somewhere along the way we forgot love is both give and take
It?s gotta be send/receive

All this time you cried those nights in vain,
You should?ve come first to me, and communicate.
All I ever want is to give peace,
Giving you the best of me, and commiserate.

When did this become so hard?
Why did we let it go so far?
Will you take this step with me?
Will you take a breathe with me?

Do you remember that day September?
Not knowing we had it all.
When we first met and falling we said ?How can this be real??

Lyrics Sean Mcknight/Redbone Music David Staples/Sean Mcknight/Zawila
Producer Staples/Mcknight Performance Staples/Mcknight

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