Songwriter/ Composer / Actor - AUSTIN, TEXAS

2008 - Film Score - "Repentance"
2007 - Film Score - "The Reckoning"
2006 - Sound Design - "Rosita's Jalapeno Kitchen", "Petra's Cuento"
2005 - Music/Sound Design - "Petra's Pecado", "Blade of the King", "State vs Reed", "Hello Officer". Actor - "Ice Storm", "Infamous" and "The Return".
2004 - Actor "We Won It All Once", "Sin City", "A Scanner Darkly", "Idiocracy", "The Quiet" and "The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl". Music/Sound Design - "La Pastorela".
2003 - Released "Alamo" CD. Actor - "The Alamo".
2002 - Music - "American Spirit" campaign - "America Responds"
2001 - Music - World Trade Center Commemoration - "Remember Me"
1993:2000 - Origin Systems Inc - PC games: Ultima Online, Longbow II, Jane's F-15 and Fighter Pilot. Sound design for PC Games: Wing Commander Prophecy and Ultima Ascension.
1989 - Feature Film Score - "Ninth Life

"Repentance" Accepted at NYILFF

(June 24, 2008) - "Repentance", a short film produced by Hollyhood Productions, New York, has been accepted by the New York International Latino Film Festival.

Directed by Julio Antonio Toro and lensed by Edwin Pagan, the film tells the story a man returning to a church to find the priest who abused him as a child.

The soundtrack was composed by Joe Basquez, who also composed the music for "The Reckoning" produced by Hollyhood Productions.

Press Info

(August 07, 2003) -- Composer, Joe Basquez, of Austin, Texas, went the extra mile after participating as an extra on the production of the upcoming feature film "Alamo" by Walt Disney Pictures which is currently scheduled for a December release.

While spending 13 days on set working as one of the Tejano townspeople for the San Antonio de Bexar plaza scenes, Basquez was inspired by the experience, sights and sounds of the "Alamo" production and began composing the initial tracks of what would eventually evolve into a 14-track CD release.

The CD, aptly titled "Extra Notes - 13 Days at the Alamo", chronicles the story of the Texas fight for independence and the historic battle that made it possible. The music portrays many of the events that shaped the birth of a republic from the arrival of the Mexican army in San Antonio, the final battle at the Alamo and the overwhelming victory by the Texians at San Jacinto.


Composers: Basis Poledouris, James Horner
Bands: Beatles


2003 - Released "Alamo" CD with 14 tracks about the siege of the Alamo. Inspired after participating as an extra on the film production set of "The Alamo" which was filmed in Dripping Springs TX near Austin.
2002 - Participated in the "American Spirit" campaign to raise awareness for the September 11 victims and to encourage donations to the Red Cross. The track "America Responds" was used as the soundtrack for the online campaign.
2001 - Participated in the World Trade Center Commemoration headquarted in Fort Worth TX. "Remember Me" is dedicated to the memory of the victims of the September 11 tragedy.
1993:2000 - Composed music for Origin Systems Inc on PC games: Ultima Online, Longbow II, Jane's F-15 and Fighter Pilot. Also did sound design for PC Games: Wing Commander Prophecy and Ultima Ascension.
1989 - Collaborated with Fort Worth sax maniac, Johnny Reno, on the soundtrack for the independent feature film, "Ninth Life" by Lyric Films of Dallas TX.


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