Illuminertia is a one man live electronic production or a full band live orchestration conceived by Eric "Modean" Montross who has been producing music for over a decade now. Sounds & cultures from all regions of the planet have an impact on the Illuminertia sound. Draws from a wide range of influence and ethos. Combines the best of Tribal, Electronic, Soulful Hip Hop, Dub, Rock. All Blended with Organic Real Instrumentation & Voice. Embedded in the sonic landscape is a message of hope, humanity, evolution, ecology, self discovery and a higher consciousness. It is designed to propel consciousness forward to a higher vibration and break down old archaic systems of thought that are destroying the planet.

Latest News

Illuminertia will be featured in the December issue of Relix Magazine under the On The Rise section! Also there will be a write up in the Deli online magazine as well. To sample this epic electronic meets organic music project head on over to:

Sew Many Seams

Born November 12, 1978
Here I stand deciding my fate,
Certain circumstances are out of my control
Yet that which I create is the will of my soul
Many that exist will assist in my dream
I will help to weave theirs and sew many seams
Oh what a wonderous web we will behold
All through time many tales will be told

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Clean Clean

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