Block Scholars was named officially in 2008 from the combination of the artists; 2mental (Nathan Andreas), NOBULL (Bennett Baskerville) and Slimdog of Slimdog Productions (David Bell Jr.). Both 2mental & NOBULL have worked on separate projects with Slimdog, but all decided to become a force to be reckoned with in 2008, with one goal: To bring real Hip Hop back to the forefront of the music industry with their own unique style. Both 2mental & NOBULL are skilled lyricists from different parts of the US. 2mental, from Austin, TX. by way of Philadelphia, PA. and NOBULL from Colorado Springs, CO. by way of The Bronx, NYC. Slimdog also is from Colorado Springs, CO. by way of Akron, OH.

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We have signed with CASHBOX RECORDS INC., a division of the famous CASHBOX MAGAZINE. Catch us at:


Born and Raised in Akron,Ohio and after highschool, went to Colorado College in Colorado Springs to further my education where I deejayed at a college bar on Tues. nights. The night was called "Soul Night" and became the most popular student night on campus. Because of the popularity of the night,I was offered to host a radio show at KRCC-FM 91.5 on the campus. My show,"The Nightshift", was the highest rated show in it's time slot in Colorado Springs.
Because dejaying a radio show in "The Springs" wasn't payer friendly at the time(1980's),I decided to pursue other interests while still having a love for music...
I became a flight attendant for a major carrier in 1991, and that gave me the other opportunities not only to see other countries and cultures, but listen to their music as well.
I caught the music bug again in the last year when a friend of mine opened a CD store and put a little studio in the shop for local artists...
You can catch some of my music at, and I have three of my beats in the DVD/CD combo "MIXTAPE,INC. The outtakes" which you can get at: I will also have some music, yet to be decided in the independent movie, "MIXTAPE, INC. The Movie" in which you can see a clip at:

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My influences are many,but my main ones are:
The Deele, Herbie Hancock, Parliament-Funkadelic, Luis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Neptunes, Dr. Dre, Cameo, Loose Ends, Ohio Players, Dazz Band, Stevie Wonder, Mint Condition, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Kanye West, Eric B and Rakim, BarKays...You get the picture.


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