Candy Rose is an independent Singer/Songwriter based in London, U.K. She writes/co-writes almost all of her material. She has many influences, from the Late Great Michael Jackson to Madonna to Nirvana to Alicia Keys and Fall Out Boy to name a few.

She is an avid fan of Patrick Stump - so much so, she wrote a song for him. She is not restricted in her genre or style of music and her works feature something for all.

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About Candy Rose

Candy Rose is an unsigned, independent Singer/Songwriter based in London, U.K. She writes almost all her material and has many influences, from the Late Great Michael Jackson to Madonna to Nirvana to Alicia Keys and Fall Out Boy to name a few. She is an avid fan of Patrick Stump - so much so, she wrote a song for him - and has been tipped as one of the new U.K indie Artists to watch.

Candy's début single So You Know was released on the 10th of August, 2009 and Candy was soon invited to Aston FM for her first ever live Radio show on Drive Time with John Taylor, where she sang a live rendition of So You Know, the acoustic version.
The song, So You Know went on to stay at the number 1 spot of Vox Africa's Urban Fire show for 12 weeks - she stopped counting after the 12th week. Her début album, A Rollercoaster Love, was released on the 28th of September 2009. The album is a mixture of R&B, Dance, Commercial club, Modern Pop and rock; "and stands out in a world of manufactured pop as an original record".
With the music industry seeking new individual non-manufactured sounds, Candy is happy to try to supply them this. Candy Rose's music impressed the head honcho's at Superdrug - one of the biggest retail chains in the U.K, that 3 of her songs (It's You That I Love, Tell The World & Hooked On You) were featured in 10 major branches around the U.K on Wednesdays and Saturdays in a show created for the store titled, "Unsigned and On Air in Superdrug". The show started on the 27th of March 2010 - so chances are if you went into one of those shops - including Birmingham Bullring, you probably heard her in the background. Candy's song, Tell The World - taken from her album, A Rollercoaster Love, earned her a Finalist Award from the 6th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) - Excellence in Acoustic Music. Candy's latest release has seen her giving back. "London" was released on the 10th of August 2010, and Candy is on a mission to try to change the world one act at a time, through music. Because Candy herself was once homeless, she is giving 50% of all sales of her London single to Shelter - The Charity for the homeless. 50% forever!
Candy's club popular song, Stop Talking, was selected by L.A Music Pipelines show and was featured as what's hot in L.A by Big FM. And there has been some real interest in her music videos on YouTube, one of which was featured in London Fashion Week Edition of Afrobuzz in English by Vox Africa.
Candy was also recently featured as the Artist of the week by the international site, Not an easy feat and one she was very proud of. She has since then been featured in indie soup runner's very popular podcast 2 - in the groovalicious mix and the year in review mix Vol1; and had an exclusive interview with them, also in Niji Magazine and currently working on being featured in an international print magazine. Candy rounded up 2010 with performances in the prestigious international Miami Music Festival where she was chosen to perform, and a final U.K gig with Hils Granger. Candy music was also featured in Physique 57, a New York based exercise DVD series as well as making it onto a compilation CD titles Women of This World.
Candy is constantly writing new material and looking forward to recording a new Album soon. She has already collabed with some international Artists such as A.M.O.H's Believers. You can tweet her @icandyrose; and "Like" on facebook, where she posts regular updates of her work in progress and sometimes gives freebies to her fans and on - where you can also listen to samples of some of her songs and also get the lyrics to her songs as requested from her face book fan page.

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