Hazel Jade is an accomplished songwriter and piano player from Ireland.
She works on both her own solo pop/indie material and with her band rock 'Elevation Falls' Going from strength to strength.. check her out on her fan pages
"Hazel Jade's voice is compelling and casting such a spell that you just can't get away, even if you wanted to" Down The Front Media
"The Powerhouse vocals of Hazel Jade who is a genuine star find to be sure" Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine
"Vocal Masterclass 'Cheating Woman took me back to when I was amazed by the like of Lee Aaron, Chrissy Steel and Darby Mills" Power Play Rock & Metal Magazine

Sounds Like: Halestorm, Adele

Latest News

Selected for the soundtrack Canadian Film 'Patient 62'
Selected for Rugby Advert in the USA (EF)

2017 EP & Single - Self Titled
2018 Released Debut Album 'What Will Be' in April to acclaim in Classic Rock Magazine, Firerworks Rock and Metal Magazine and various other publications
2019 Released two singles 'Demon' and 'Hateful Attraction'
2020 Working on Releasing a solo EP (Hazel Jade), expected release Sept 2020



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Hateful Attraction, this rocks! Great energy!

2 Replies
Hazel Jade/Elevation Falls
over 30 days ago

Thanks so much Randall for dropping by and commenting! Appreciate that!

Randall Mark
over 30 days ago


beautiful song, What Will Be

2 Replies
Hazel Jade/Elevation Falls
over 30 days ago

We love this song, as it means a lot to our life journey and it was written with that in mind. The music business has many different turns!

Randall Mark
over 30 days ago

yes, I can see that!

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