Kiss My Lips

Song Length 4:19 Genre Electronic - House, Electronic - Dance
Subject General


Words & Melody Hazel Jade Rogers & Belinda Rogers
Music by LaGuil

Kiss my lips
Kiss my lips

Wanna be your lover
Wanna be your baby
Wanna be your ooh ooh ooh

Bubblin' inside ya'
Hidden deep a liar
Dreams are gonna tell the truth

Kiss My Lips
Kiss My Lips and you sighed
Kiss My Lips
Kiss My Lips in your mind

Tell me that you want me
Tell Me that you need me
Tell me I'm forbidden fruit

Say you gonna eat me
Drink me like a smoothie
Say that I'm your favourite juice

Repeat Chorus

Say that you don't need her
Say that you don't want her
Say she is the one to lose

Say that it's all over
Say that you don't love her
Say your dreams will tell the truth

Repeat Chorus

I'm your favourite tune
I'm your sonic boom
I'm your sweetie pie
Tell me some more lies

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Verse 1
Ad Lib to End

©® Hazel Jade Rogers & Belinda Rogers / BiggyWiggy Music International Ltd 2011

Lyrics Belinda Rogers & Hazel Jade Rogers Music Belinda Rogers, Hazel Jade Rogers, Nickolas Guillan
Producer Nickolas Guillan Publisher biggywiggymusic
Performance Hazel Jade Rogers Label biggywiggymusic
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