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I have three older brothers who set me on the path to living with music every day. In the early seventies when I was 7 or 8 and listening to AM radio they were stuffing Allman Brothers and Guess Who records in my hand saying, "Listen to this." I am forever thankful. After picking up a guitar in college I taught myself to play. From the beginning I wrote my own songs. My first public performance I sang an original song in a talent show. That got me hooked and for anyone with the bug you can understand. I constantly played, wrote and performed. After being with a few different bands I formed Flibbertitjibbet with friends in the early 90's. Through some line-up changes and one constant, my guitarist friend Bill, I was on my way to living the dream. Flibbertijibbet had a 15 year run. I that time we toured 4 states regularly and released 5 albums mostly comprised of songs I penned. We had some definite highlights along the way including playing with Grateful Dead keyboardist Vince Welnick at a festival in southern Wisconsin. We performed over 600 shows. Just to love what you're doing was what kept us going. Meeting fans in some of the local haunts we returned to year after year was a great experience. I loved the stage and will return there again. In the meantime between sips of a good stout beer I'll continue to write and record.

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