What is R.I.S.E. Muzik?

It's Real Intimate Smooth Exclamations. It's Responsible Intellectual Soulful Expressions. It's a Respectfully Intricate Sound Experience. It's a Righteous Involvement of Substance and Epiphanies. It's Relaxation. It's Intense. It's Secure. It's Emancipating. It Resurrects. It Intrigues. It Soothes. It Evolves. It's Rounded. It's Imagination. It's Strength. It's Edifying.

Any positive, uplifting, and relational...R.I.S.E. Muzik is.

This is the kind of music C. Double34 Music strives for in its collaborative endeavors. Some songs are finished...others are rough draft ideas. Come take a listen. I hope you like what you hear in the process.

Clarence Ferguson, Jr.
C. Double34 Music

Music Styles

Influenced by Jam & Lewis, Missy & Timbaland, The Neptunes, Prince, The Soulquarians, and other greats like Holland Dozier Holland, Gamble & Huff, Leon Sylvers III, Narada Michael Walden, Kashif, Leon Ware, L.A. & Babyface, Teddy Riley, Roger Troutman, Tim & Bob, Stargate, and more.

Vocal Influences

Floetry, Mint Condition, Dwele', Cameo, Lalah Hathaway, Luther Vandross, Will Downing, J. Moss, Deitrick Haddon, Take 6, Brian McKnight, Ambrosia, Def Leppard, Phyllis Hyman, Angela Winbush, Angela Bofill, Larry Graham and more.


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ArchLord II
over 30 days ago to C. Double34 Music

hi there :)
we have a great song here now...
and, hey...
there's TWO of us now...!!!

anyway, we hope you enjoy our all-original music
which we created
and which we sell
which we are allowed to do
until a lawyer stops us
until then, we hide the cash
we dont give receipts, we dont keep books.
we can say we only sold three copies.

then, we say "we're sorry, judge, really"
then, we smile :)
then, we tell the judge that we'll pay damages of...

so, go have a quick listen, you'll enjoy it..!!

Joseph Miller
over 30 days ago to C. Double34 Music

Hey C Double...Nice groove you set up there on the "Have Me Song"... keep up the good work Joe

over 30 days ago to C. Double34 Music

Thanks for the review and please check out my site.

Go to http://whosthehottestrapper.com/id8 7.html

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