Born and raised on the bayous of the Florida panhandle, I began playing my Dad's Gibson J-45 flat-top and singing by the age of 5. I wrote my first song (about a broken heart of course) at the age of 15. Since then, I've traveled all over the world and played my music for thousands. Centered in middle Tennessee, I now concentrate on songwriting and connecting with other singers/songwriters.

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Who is Bill King?

I'm a singer, songwriter, musician, entertainer, husband, father, brother, and so much more rolled into one. I write and sing about the happenings in life which touch us all, whether it's a broken heart, a mistake made of which you pay the price the rest of your life, or dreams you've always wanted to chase, but were afraid to try. If I had to sum myself up in a few short words, I say I'm "soulful!"


Tried my best to listen to your songs -- and failed. I guess your voice and songwriting "skill" is an aquired taste --- which I aint aquired. No offense -- not for me.

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