hi my name is bijan I am a singer and songwriter from Berlin, Germany. As a kid I always dreamt of sex & drugs & rock'n roll... well, actually I dropped the drugs part right from the beginning and concentrated on the other two. after a short time the sex part of the game got boring and frustrating (hey, it's totally overrated ;) and I concentrated on the remaining survivor... and that's how I became a musician in the first place. I started as a singer and songwriter in a band called "Club E" and we had two minor radio hits. All songs are recorded between 2003 and 2005... New stuff will be available within the next months (writing is easy, recording's tough...) I hope you like what you hear... and give me your comments... god bless ya bijan

music - my everlasting passion

I am from Berlin, Germany and started singing and playing guitar with 15. I got my first record deal with 18 with EMI and my second with 20. Since I couldn't decide whether to stay in the music biz or not, I quit my professional career as a musician, started studying and became a lawyer. But I never gave up making music and the music you are hearing are two songs I wrote in 2003 and recorded one year later. I hope you like the songs. If you do, there will be more to come...

bijan, august 2005


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