T. Budd, aka Barefoot Skinny, has been writing music for live performances, documentaries, and jingles since 1975. He has released three albums as Barefoot Skinny and is in the process of a new album by T. Budd. People have bought his instrumentals above all else for their relaxing tropical feel. He has also taught music to many young people. Music is his blood... if you cut him, notes fly out!

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Hola from Mexico. Still playin music and having a blast. Playing in 2 bands now!
For info on show dates and times, goto myspace.com/barefootskinny1 ,OR, Come see me at the Bad Boys Beach Bar or at Cafe Ole in Pueto Aventuras. Hope to see ya soon.
One Love. TB

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I´ve been performing and writing music since age 4. I´m soon to be 44 and after 25 pro acts and a lot of road time, I settled on Ambergris Caye in Belize Central America as the Entertainer BAREFOOT SKINNY. I now perform between Belize and Mexico as T. Budd. After many gigs and thousands of CD sales, I have returned to the studio to compose, record, and present the best music of my career. I´m sure you´ll hear more of me as I develope these new pieces. If you like Rock, Caribbean, Reggae, and smooth instrumentals, perhaps you´ll enjoy my past work as well.
One Love, T. Budd

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