Dave is a multi-track & post engineer, producer ("in-training") and songwritter based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He owns and operates "Behind the Sun Productions," and is always on the lookout for new talent.

Dave has been playing the guitar in and out of bands for the past 12 years or so. His education at the Art Institute opened his eyes to world of digital synthesis, and he now spends much of his time in his home studio working with soft synths and sequencers.

He has not, however, in any way abandoned his love for real instruments. In October and November of 2006, he recorded "What's To Come," a instrumental song exploring new realms of acoustic, melodic and harmonic possibility in the recording stuio, featuring: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocal Pads, a Hammond B3, and countless effects. The song is available here.

If you are seeking audio production services, do not hestitte to get in touch.

Dave: 2006 and onward

I now reside in Vancouver, British Columbia. I have almost completed my education in the Professional Recording Arts at The Art Institute of Vancouver.

I am entering into engineering and production. I have my own production company "Behind The Sun Productions" (more on this soon).

I still write a lot of music. Funky Love, Whats To Come, Every Other Sunday ad Born are a few examples of my most recent work.

A new band is in the works with the musicians who performed on Whats To Come.....I anticipate good things.

Do you have any music you are looking to have recorded, mixed or mastered? give me a hollar......its what i do, baby!

SPT's Final Chapter

2004 saw Andrew leave the band for Vancouver, to delve into the production arts. Doug took Andrews old room in our student house. This was forth year university, the toughest year, but i still wanted to play.

Doug and I decided to look for a new bassist. After a bunch of auditions came Benny Appleby. Thus began a new era and incarnation for SPT.

With just three band members, jamming and song writting became more easy and more frequent. Benny was an incredibly prolific writer, and a very accomplished bassist. The songs were phenomenal, and comming along quickly. We were playing shows and drawing audiences like never before......we had fans! holy shit!

By April of 2005 we had London by the balls. We were being sought out by bars and we recorded three new songs - Rotten Old Soul, Porcelain Hosecats and Drilling in Alaska.
Then we just let go..........

I had a job opportunity, and Benny, who came from Illinois had to return home to prepare for his future at Berkely. Doug returned to Stratford to work towards his last year at College.

What a ride.

Sofa Porch Theatre's history #2

After the Curto fiasco was over, we recruited Doug Wilson and began writting some new tunes. The vibe was good, very good, and we recorded a Live album in the process.

The beginning of 2004 saw Shawn head to Austrailia. Doug, Andrew and I spent the first part of 2004 mostly just jamming and recording at home songs that didnt have to be constrained by pop-audience friendly critics. The result was the Adimantus album, a jam album with a no-holds attitude where songs were as long or as short as we wanted.

Sofa Porch Theatre's history

Some of the music posted here was written by Sofa Porch Theatre (SPT), a band I played in for four years.

I made the decision about a year ago to keep the music we recorded live, and not let it die a quiet death in the drawers of my apartment. Why? Because it's good music.

The band began in 2001, in London Ontario. Myself, Andrew Shaw and Shawn Chopra were all roomates in Essex Hall at the University of Western Ontario. We spent our first year playing music more than we studied, and by the end of it, we had played a few shows and written about four original songs. We decided to record them. Why we decided to use a full scale studio still escapes me actually, but we did.

We knew we needed a lead guitarist and drummer, and asked our good friend Dan DiNoro to play guitar. For drums, we hired Dave Curto. Practicing began in toronto to prep for the studio.

We hired Mike Kerwin as a producer and engineer and recorded over 3 long days. The songs Beloved, Dropping Breadcrumbs, POV and Yellowday all turned out very well.

The year after, we were back in London and playing as many shows as possible while trying to keep our grades up. The most amazing offer was put before us in March of 2003.
We were playing a show at the Richmond Tavern, when a guy in the audience offered $3,000 plus all expenses paid to come down to St. Louis and play at Washington University.......oh yeah, and $500 up front to keep either way. Holy shit.

We didnt play the show....it fell right when our final exams at Western were in full swing. Im not sure if that show would have changed the future for us, but i guess you never know.

At the end of that year (2002/2003) we recorded another four songs in a home studio. They were Home, Tonight, Trampling the Sun, Move Over and Awake Me.

The band faced countless problems with drummer Dave Curto, who refused to release the newly recorded music unless paid for his efforts. In the end, the band dissolved.....but only for a while......

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