The Miracle Of Flight

Story Behind The Song

Wakeup calls are a long-standing tradition of the NASA program. On April 13, 2010, at 10:21 CDT, this song was played to awaken the crew of Shuttle Mission STS-131.

Song Length 4:37 Genre Country - General


The Miracle of Flight

I remember standing there, watching seagulls in the air
Dancing silhouettes across the sky
Couldn't have been more than ten, lost in the reverie again
Hopin' maybe someday I could fly

Didn't care for childish things, just a pair of golden wings
To take me to a new and higher high
Rising up above the rest, put my pinions to the test
Look at me I'm free to paint the sky

'Cause the miracle of flight is on my mind both day and night
Such a beautiful delight to leave the ground
Just to settle back and soar to where no man's gone before
I don't care anymore if I ever come down

Bought a plane at twenty-one, tried to take it to the sun
Left a trail of innocence behind
It was then I knew my place, further on to outer space
Searching every corner I could find

Followed in the footsteps of men like Alan, Neil and Buzz
Off to join the proud and privileged few
Set my sights though further still, wouldn't stop the reverie until
I had red dust clinging to my shoes

(Repeat Chorus)

I feel so at home with God's creation
Another shining star in mankind's constellation

And there are those that sit and stare and really wish that they were here
Blasting off with me and heaven bound
Oh can't you see the key to find the outer reaches of your mind
Can't be done with two feet on the ground

(Repeat Chorus)

Lyrics Mike Hyden Music Mike Hyden

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