What You Make Of Me

Song Length 3:24 Genre Pop - Religious
Similar Artists Amy Grant



Piano Intro

Take your hands
and mold me like sand
shape me, make me a disciple of your perfect plan
for all I am, all I'll ever be
is what you make of me

Give me love
To ascend above
All the earthly doubts I have when times are tough
for all I am, all I'll ever be
is what you give to me

I have an hour of conversation, to share
without a moments hesitation, you're there
I want to yell out my frustration, you care
and hold me till the inclination disappears

Hold me tight
to endure the night
make me like a beacon 'til the morning light
yes all I am, all I'll ever be
is what you make of me

Piano Outro

Lyrics Mike Hyden Music Mike Hyden
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