Theresa Smile

Story Behind The Song

Wrote this for my girlfriends birthday.

Song Description

I decided to write a song for my girlfriend's birthday. It was already May and her b'day was on the 19th. I wrote most of this song in 3 hours. It is a song about my life, my travels, etc. I have traveled the world as in the song. They did use one of my songs to wake the space shuttle up(song has part of actual NASA broadcast.) I did beat Willie Mosconi at pool. I did get lost in the Sahara Desert. I did once ride a bicycle 4,000 miles.

Song Length 4:09 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful, In High Spirits Subject Girlfriend, Wife, General
Similar Artists The Monkees Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


Theresa Smile

I've seen the world like a vagabond
So many places to explore
So many times I flew across the pond
I think a million miles or more
But the one thing I've discovered
What makes it all worthwhile
Is to see Theresa smile
Just to see Theresa smile

I played around maybe a bit too much
I worked for years on sea and sand
Sahara Desert almost got me once
I walked away a better man
But the one thing I've discovered
What makes it all worthwhile
Is to see Theresa smile
Just to see Theresa smile

And when I wake up every morning
I hear her cheery voice, see the sparkle in her eyes
Aint' gonna be no weather warning
'cause her funny little smile brings me only sunny skies

They used my song to wake the shuttle up (and a special good morning to Clay)
I beat Mosconi playin' pool (rack'em up)
I rode a bicycle 4 thousand miles (go bike mike)
I think my life's been pretty cool
But the one thing I've discovered
What makes it all worthwhile
Is to see Theresa smile
Just to see Theresa smile

I've seen the Roman Coliseum, the Guggenheim Museum
The Taj Mahal, the Great Wall and the Nile
And the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Pyramids of Giza
But I'd trade it all just to see Theresa smile... oh yeah

The Aurora Borealis, the Topkapi Palace
The Acropolis, the Kremlin and the Wailing Wall
And the Changing of the Guard, drinking lager by the yard
Yeah I guess I've maybe almost seen it all

But I'd rather see Theresa smile... whoa... if only for awhile...
Let's go grinnin' out in style... oh smile Theresa smile...
Just to see Theresa smile
To see Theresa smile

Mike Hyden's got some great story telling chops wrapped in a nice indie rock flavor.

Mike unquestionably has the songwriting gene!

Lyrics Mike Hyden Music Mike Hyden
Producer Neil Ebanks
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