The Love We Had

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Love go bye bye...

Song Length 4:41 Genre Pop - General


The Love We Had

I hear you shut the door, it's half past one
you look to see if I'm awake
you take your shoes off, let your hair undone
you try to think it's not so late

You say you ran into a good old friend
you say that she is doing fine
but all along I really know it's him
that's keeping you gone all the time

Oh girl what happened to the love we had
what used to be so good has turned so bad
I used to think I'd win your love again
not any more, I'm feeling much too sad

You brush your hair, your teeth, you climb in bed
and turn the light off with a smile
you say sweet dreams but don't know what you've said
it's just been nightmares for awhile

(Repeat Chorus)

I lie there staring out the window 'til
I know that you are sound asleep
for what it's worth I say I love you still
the feeling's buried much too deep

(Repeat Chorus)

Lyrics Mike Hyden Music Mike Hyden

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