Rescue Me

Song Length 5:31 Genre New Age - Religious
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Subject Spirituality, Prayer Language English
Era 2000 and later



When all faith is lost... when love's gone astray
When you see no hope inside... when you can't find your way
The world all around you... keeps falling apart
When life's not worth living... when you question your heart

The tears that you cry... the pain that your feel
When you're all alone at night... when everything's still
Words can't explain... what you hold inside
You just want to run... you just want to hide

God hear my voice... God hear my plea
I need a miracle... come rescue me
Show me a sign... from heaven above
I need you now... to feel your love

All faith is lost... love's gone astray
No hope inside... I've lost my way
Help me to find... my piece of mind
Rescue me

Just look all around you... there's change in the air
Heaven surrounds you... with angels who care
God's already found you... with the cross that you bear
And the ropes that have bound you... will soon disappear

From the stillness of mountains... to the rivers that flow
I'm starting to realize... what I already know
Beauty surrounds us...hope can survive (it will survive)
Life is worth living... my faith is alive

I look all around me (here by your side)... I see people who care (arms opened wide)
Warm smiling faces (you've got a friend)... love everywhere ('til the very end)
I hear voices of angels (heaven above)... it's clear to see (from God with love)
My life's full of miracles (wonderful miracles)... God rescued me

My life's full of miracles (beautiful miracles)... God rescued me

God heard my voice... God heard my plea
He sent me a miracle... he rescued me
He showed me a sign from heaven above
I see him now... I feel his love
All faith was lost... love gone astray
No hope inside... I lost my way
He helped me to find... my piece of mind
He rescued me...

I know that he cares... he answered my prayers
He rescued me...

He opened my eyes... I now realize...
God came and rescued... me

Lyrics Randy Hyden Music Randy Hyden
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