We are a 70's style Hard Blues and Rock Band. We drink too much, smoke even more, and our music reflects the pain and suffering that come's along with the lifestyle.

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We're currently in the studio recording a new record. As of this moment our studio bill has surpassed both Fleetwood Mac and the Chinese Democracy sessions. Don't judge us.

The legend of GreenSugar

GreenSugar is a 4 piece Rock N Roll quartet from Chicago IL. The band was born in the Great West after singer/guitarist Parker Dodson rode a three legged pack Mule across the Great Plains and through the Rockies to LA. After years of intense worship in the Ancient house of Troy, a group of priests were brought together to begin spreading the Gospel of Rock that Dodson had unearthed. These sage characters stormed the Sunset Strip and much of the Southern California coast for many moons until they realized that the diseases of modern society had poisoned the good people of this land so totally that their words could simply not be heard...and so this dreamer left for greener pastures...
Upon returning to Chicago, Dodson promptly tracked down his childhood friend Jon Patrick Luby, a former Buffalo rider and freelance wildfire fighter, to provide rhythms and power. The two then set off around the Midwest gigging for the better part of a year with nothing but an oxen pulled cart and a roaming minstrel named Ubaldo. During their travels the band met a young saint named Michael "Swedish" Starcevic in the bowels of one of Chicago's largest holy houses. St. Swedish had been raised studying many of the same scriptures as these men and despite a harrowing flight aboard an ostrich named Carroll he continued to worship the Gospel. Thus after a three day Walkabout in the woods of Wisconsin to cleanse his Inner Soul it was decided that he would join the cause. This band of brothers now numbering four foraged on; spreading their words of wisdom for thousands of lost souls until one night after an exhausting three hour ceremony a man arose from the crowd and introduced himself simply as, "the Pope." He offered his services as the Bassman to Patrick's pounding thunder and after calling upon the ghosts of Lord Vildamont Jameson it was ordained that his Holiness take his seat as the Ying to Patrick's Yang.
Since that fateful evening the band has wandered the streets of America delivering its message to the needy and consequently slaughtering its enemies along the way. Their songs speak of hope and irony, and the experiences the band have undergone and are now the foundation for the band's explosive live set, which has been seen alongside such Rock N Roll Icons as Warren Haynes and Gov't Mule, Les Claypool, and The Black Crowes. The band is now currently on tour throughout the Midwest and hoping for the opportunity to change your mind...about everything.


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