Red Moon

Song Description

Psychadelic take on the 100 years war...

Song Length 7:01 Genre Rock - Psychedelic, Rock - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


Did you listen to your father...Did you listen to your mother

There's a story in your heart beat...There's a story in your brother

There's an old man singing 'bout the things he's seen...Jacobin lovers on the guillotine

Theres trouble on the coast yeah trouble on the sea, A single tears fallin from the eye of the queen

They put him on an island said to call it home
Now he's comin for the king's head he's comin for the throne
Forty men in Marseilles, forty in Lyon
There's a revolution comin there's a revolution blowin.......

Daddy's off fighting in the 100 years war...asking to himself what it all is for

Is he fighting for the rich...Is he fighting for the poor

There's a dark horse riding on the bright light shining off a red moon (2x)

Taxman's banging on the old front door
A little babies crying on the bathroom floor
Mommies counting coins for a trip to the store
singin what's it all for baby what's it all for........

Living in the Louvre living in Tullieres
Wishing for the things that the baroness shares
Wearing all the clothes that a madman wears
Dreaming all the things that a madman dares

Pre-Chorus/Chorus (3x)

Lyrics Parker Dodson Music GreenSugar/Parker Dodson
Performance GreenSugar
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