Right Hand Man

Song Description

A guys loses he oldest buddy and laments about it...

Song Length 3:38 Genre Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll, Blues - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Similar Artists The Black Crowes
Language English Era 2000 and later


Well I was talking to this guy at this bar that I know

He said man I'll tell you something that I think you should know

He said yeah...I bet against myself...

I said why you goin betting all your money in life

What you gonna tell all your kids and your wife

He said yeah...I got it real real bad...

For I lost my pride and I lost my Right Hand Man

First a little lady came and took him away
She told him what to do and what he could say
But he kept on...he put it on himself...
Then some birdies brought some babies and a paycheck to match
Then he stopped his singing and he never could dance
I said yeah...he got it real real bad...

Chorus/Solo 1

Write your man a letter and put your heart in your words
If he really is your brother and he knows what your worth
Then he'll come back...and help you start your war

Believe me when I say I've lost my man before
Yeah I've lost my Right Hand Man and I'm dead to the core

Solo 2/Outro

Lyrics Parker Dodson Music Parker Dodson/GreenSugar
Performance GreenSugar
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