Eclectic, powerful, evocative, ALIVE.....she's no rookie. With years of road/studio singing and songwriting behind her, she's now writing her third production and sophomore solo album. Her music will move you. A true survivor in all senses of the word, from breast cancer to hurricane Katrina, her life experiences translate through her soulful voice and hardwire directly into your heart.

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Hey all y'all!! View from Here is available at many sites but first and foremost CDBaby and iTunes! Or you can buy it through my site, Several of my new songs will be under the name "Burn Your Vinyl" found on itunes, tunecore, cdbaby,

Thanks for listening!

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Her music is the medium through which she projects the essence of who she is and what she represents. She is strength. She is raw, unbridled determination. She is hope.

From soaring ballads to foot-tapping, finger snapping R&B, the range represented in these songs is as varied as the personalities of those whose stories inspired them, yet Hope weaves them together with silk and pain, comfort and loss. The versatility of her vocal talent is indisputable. She hits towering high notes with a power and intensity that few can match, while honeyed melodies roll off her tongue with a grace that takes your breath away. Taxi, The World's Leading A&R Company, says "Funk, force, rock and rhythms course through these songs with a capability and confidence.........stunning vocals......impressive work......lyrics are smart and emotionally honest, well written and appealing.....high bar artist.....very impressive work......gorgeous vocal and production......Wow! Pulled me in to this world. Her voice is stunning!" Gian Fiero from Muse's Muse says of Razor's Edge....."conjures up visual images .....with its...... dreamy vocals, haunting harmonies, and melancholic guitar. In part, or in whole, this the kind of track that a music supervisor needs to keep at the top of their list for future use."

Raised as a musician's musician, she's been a session singer since she was in her teens, a road musician, lead singer, producer, manager and agent for bands in the midwest circuit. She credits her father's horn-playing and tenor-singing passion for blues and jazz artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and Peggy Lee plus her own influences such as Fleetwood Mac, Bonnie Raitt, Pat Benatar, Elton John, Bruce Hornsby and many others for setting her on the road she finds herself today.

A gifted songwriter and collaborator, she's enjoyed success in Europe with one of her singles hitting #3 in Germany. She's survived breast cancer, losing her home to Katrina and is currently in production of her sophomore solo album entitled "Restoration". You can hear a clip from it on her website:
Purchase her songs at or on iTunes, keywords Nita Hope or on MySpace at


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Very cool, Nita! I just found out you write songs! You should have told me!

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