Much More Than That

Story Behind The Song

Millie wrote this based on something her father told her once about not needing much. He is a Depression era man and knew the value of the things he needed and the value of things he didn't need to own. That theme stuck with Millie and came home to her ag

Song Description

Upbeat, happy, bubbling with contentment, this is a song that has toes tapping and hearts singing the catch phrase, "Don't need much more than that"......a rural yet sophisticated glance at living within your means and finding it fulfilling.

Song Length 3:12 Genre Blues - Rural, Jazz - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Content, Welcoming Subject Happiness, Philosophy
Similar Artists Dionne Farris, Ella Fitzgerald Language English
Era 2000 and later


Much More Than That (Millie Glaser/Nita Hope)
I got a chair, I got a light, it burns real bright
I can sit and I can read almost any time I want
I got a car that won?t run so I walk instead of ride
And I?m lookin? pretty good from all this exercise

Oh, I don?t need much more than that,
Don?t need much more than that
Oh, I don?t need much more than that
Don?t need much more that

Got the sun on my face, got the wind at my back
And I like the moon and stars in the inky black
I ain?t got no mansion cuz baby, I ain?t got scratch
And I like my little house off the beaten path


You?d be surprised how little you can live on
When you finally stop yourself from tryin?
To live a life you can?t afford.
If you give it up, you just might find more.


Today I?ll sit on my porch, I?ll watch the world go by
I?ll hang out with my friends and maybe have some o? dat wine
I no longer rush; I got plenty of time
I do a whole lot more laughin? than I ever did cry


Lyrics Millie Glaser/Nita Hope Music Nita Hope
Producer Nita Hope Publisher Nita Hope
Performance Nita Hope Label indie

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