Be Me

Story Behind The Song

Millie wanted to write about her experience with cancer, that it's always with her and that she had to learn to live with it so she decided the best philosophy is that life is to short to live an ingenuine life. Be authentic instead. Be yourself. It's sca

Song Description

A gleefully blissful song about the excitement of letting go and freeing ourselves from others' expectations and from our own. Upbeat and heartlifting.

Song Length 3:21 Genre Pop - Alternative, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Blissful Subject Freedom, Life
Similar Artists Sheryl Crow, Dionne Farris Language English
Era 2000 and later


Be Me (Millie Glaser/Nita Hope/Josh Rahalski)
I?m waitin? for the day when it never even passes my way
I?m waitin? for the time when it never even crosses my mind
I know I won?t forget about it any time soon
Maybe not until my next life in my mother?s womb
So I will smile more and laugh a lot
I will change my mind or maybe not
I will laugh out loud. Who cares if someone can see me?
I?m jes gonna be me

I?m goin? through my past, only keepin? the finest memories
All my silly transgressions, unspoken confessions I am tossin? to the seas
Well, I know I won?t forget ?em by the end of the day
It doesn?t really matter cuz I?ve thrown ?em all away
I?m gonna dance around in my front yard
I?m gonna finally let down my guard
I will smile at that woman that I see
I?m jes gonna be me.

All my childhood humiliations
All my foolish 20-somethin? indiscretions
All my daily naggin? self-recriminations
I am leavin? ?em all behind

I?m gonna sail my life on a different course
I?m gonna take my cue right from the source
I will live my life without regret or fear
I?m jes gonna be
I?m gonna be
I?m jes gonna be me.

Lyrics Millie Glaser Music Nita Hope, Josh Rahalski
Producer Nita Hope Publisher Nita Hope
Performance Nita Hope Label indie

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