Just Whistlin' in the Dark

Tom Colley (Songwriter)

Musical influences: The Beatles, Steven Stills, Hank Williams Jr., The Eagles, Bob Seger, and America.

Favorite Quote: The truth sometimes hurts, but it's always the truth.

I can't remember a time in my life when there wasn't music. I was always singing along with the radio to the latest records of the day on the Country, R&B, and Rock & Roll stations.

Like many artists, my performing career began in my church's choir. That experience taught me a great deal about harmony and feeling the music.

I took guitar lessons just long enough to learn the basics. My instructor invited me not to waste her time and my parent's money if I wasn't going to practice the lesson's she prepared each week. But, I was impatient to play what I was hearing on the radio, so I never went back.

I played in several Top 40 cover bands during high school (i.e. electric and loud). In college I was half of a duo. Impressed by the singer/songwriters of the day (and the fact that my partner had a studio in his brother's music store), I began composing original songs. I still get a kick out of listening to those early attempts at taming the muse.

When college ended, I began performing solo. You really don't know what fear is until it's just you with an acoustic guitar trying to entertain a bar crowd. But, what a rush when it works! I really enjoy the rapport that can develop with an audience.

Over the years I've appeared in various venues ranging from bars to musical theater to nationally syndicated radio and television.

I've also participated in assorted songwriting competitions, which are a necessary part of a singer/songwriter's continual growing, learning, and sharing process.

Whether I'm telling stories or chronicling human nature, I try to write in a unique way from my own experience and observations. I want my work to be an honest reflection of the world as I see it, so I focus on things that matter to me, and hope that others can relate. Although, sometimes the muse runs wild and I end up with something even I didn't expect.

It's a great feeling when one of my songs connects with someone. You can see in their face we've shared a common experience and that's the essence of songwriting. It's not about success; it's about the music and sharing.


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Thank you Tom, for the stars on "Bring It Back", with Starkynova Muzik; we appreciate your support!

Merry Christmas to all.


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