Back to Normal

Story Behind The Song

This composition was the result of a brainstorming session for a songwriting class assignment that occurred shortly after 9/11 when patriotic feelings were running high.

Song Length 2:48 Genre Unique - Patriotic
Lead Vocal Duet Male Subject Patriotic
Language English Era 2000 and later


Somewhere,somehow,something shifted our focus in this land
Looking out for number one replaced united we stand
But all that changed on 9/11 when terror struck us all
Rising from the ashes was a nation standing tall

Children pledge allegiance to the flag each day at school
Families flock to church on Sunday like they used to do
People sing the National Anthem with teardrops in their eyes
Everywhere you look the stars and stripes are flying high

Getting BACK TO NORMAL, to what has made us strong
Trusting God, waving flags, singing patriotic songs
Getting BACK TO NORMAL is what we're going to do
That's what we're gonna do

We found the spark that lit the fire of freedom in our souls
It's time to fan the flame until it burns out of control
To show the world that America is still standing tall
By getting BACK TO NORMAL after all

Getting BACK TO NORMAL is what we're going to do
Starting with the President right down to me and you
Getting BACK TO NORMAL, getting back to normal
Getting BACK TO NORMAL is what we're going to do
That's what we're gonna do

Lyrics Tom Colley & Dan Scott Music Tom Colley & Dan Scott
Producer Tom Colley & Dan Scott Publisher Whistlin' in the Dark Music (Tom Colley)
Performance Tom Colley & Dan Scott
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