I have an innate love for music. I've had a passion for playing in church choirs since a very young age. I believe in one race-the human race, of many shades of color, and hope to share this belief with the world through my songs. My latest single," Together As One We Shall Stand" is about people helping people; a song of unity and hope, love, and peace. It gives us this thrill of hope beyond our darkest hour. Humanity united together to assist each other in dire times.

Amidst today's environment, it is my goal to spread "love" throughout the world no matter who you are. If I can change one person's heart and that person helps someone in need by kindness and love, I am certain that a breath of fresh air has arrived; a thrill of hope that we all are important to someone. I truly believe that this is a calling on my life being commissioned on a mission by GOD to show love conquers all hatred."

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I am currently working on several projects that are love Songs and songs of inspiration that will pierce the soul and spirit with with love.


Very catchy and uplifting. Nice bluesy/hip hop vibe.

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Clean Clean

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