J. Trice
J. Trice was born Jameisha Trice in St. Louis, Missouri. She is the classic example of someone being born to sing. Her household was saturated with everything from gospel music, rhythm & blues, classic soul, as well as original music courtesy of her mother. Through the urging of her mother, who is herself a well versed singer, Jameisha began singing for her church choir at the age of six. Utilizing the intense vocal training she received from the years in her church choir, she started singing professionally at the age of 15, only a year after she and her family relocated to the city of Chicago. Not only is Ms. Trice an incredible singer, she is a complete talent, she writes and arranges her own vocals leaving nothing to be desired. Her sultry sound is the perfect blend of the passion found in rhythm & blues, the artistry of hip-hop, and spirituality of gospel music. Her delivery is honest and emotional, inspiring and spellbinding. She sings with the range and refinement

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With the voice of an angel and smooth rhythmic tones, Jameisha Trice has the kind of voice that can captivate any audience. Her Background in church has been the foundation for talent and has a very strong presence in her music. Jameisha Trice has a vocal style is sweet and yet touching at the same time. She sings the type of songs that almost any one can relate to. Her song entitled "Daddy,"is about the way she longs to have relationship with her absentee father. Other songs like "Home to you,"speaks of her needing to be close to her love.She writes most of the songs that she sings and is inspired by real life experiences. Jameisha Trice is now working on am album with platinum producer X-treme. ans is also attending Columbia majoring in Music Business Management/ Marketing.


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Jameisha, I'm still LOVIN' 'I Say I' Good Stuff Lady, kep doin' u J, Peace Love

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i got some new heat check me out.

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