New Day Ent. was started by myself Mo the General in 2005, never had the vision of starting my on label until my former crew Jerzee Mobb (Which was started in 93) disbanded and went our seperate directions. Not wanting to rap nomore, i just became a fan of my Lil brother Chess and his homeys, i seen there potential and they needed a place to record so invested in some equipment and decided to start NEW DAY Entertainment. I recreated Jerzee Mobb with my brother and his friends and dropped the mixtape Who is Jerzeee Mobb? That mixtape has been the only release so far because the hunger some of the members had diminished and finally the new Jerzee Mobb disbanded for good. But with just Me, Chess, and Twinz left we going to do our best to bring real hiphop back to that 95-96 raw when hiphop was competitive and fun and it brung out the best in every artist. Like Nas said hiphop is dead and the ones that are denying it are the ones killing it. So lookout for New Day cause we coming!!

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