Prolyfik has a God givin talent for beat making/producing.This producer hails outta L.A. and has several credits to his rep. He is currently working on a couple of new artist for various indie labels including Rap-A-Lot rec.If you need hot beats, you better hurry and hollar before it gets too expensive!

Need beats?

If your looking for a business minded producer with outrageous talent click on my contact info & get @ me!
Oh! one more thing,theres a saying good help is hard to find but when you find it more than likely it'll cost.So if your noy prepared to hear a price over a grand per beat then I am not prepared to hear your situation.Serious bizness!

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producer out of Cali.


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Hey Prolyfik!
My name is Adam Reid, I live in Ireland and I just produced a track and used one of your acapellas. I was wondering if you could check it out!
Here is the link: 1

Thanks again!

over 30 days ago to Prolyfik a.k.a.Tha Grizzly


Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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