A word from Mayes: I am a positive, open minded, & creative individual. Characteristics that manifest in my music. Even with all its faults and shortcomings, I love making music using the genre / oral tradition known as "rap". I strive to make thought provoking inspirational hip hop that will transcend time, space, language barriers and territorial boundaries.

About Embassi : Also, I am a member of a southern hip hop trio known as Embassi. We are currently working on solo endeavors as well as group projects. We have several mixtapes, an EPK and a working demo. We primarily work with one producer, Dayz, but we have meet new brothers and sisters in music production who are sharing with us. For more info visit...www.myspace.com/embassi1 and www.myspace.com/aproductofchange


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Currently working on music for several film and TV submissions. Please stay tuned for more uploads.

VouDo on Broadjam Top 10 - 2/10/2008
#1 on New York Chart
#2 on Hip Hop Chart
#5 on Rap Chart
#10 on North America Chart
#10 on USA Chart

Hickory Glock on Broad Jam Top 10 - 6/25/08
#1 on Dirty South Chart
#2 on New York Chart
#7 on Rap Chart

Thanks for the support keep us tuned in.


A Short Bio

Johnny Mayes is -- A Product of Change. Born June 16, 1981 Houston, TX Herman Hospital // Sign - Gemini // Planet - Mercury // Stone - Moss Agate // Closest personality disorder match - Schizoid Personality Disorder (we're all a lil crazy) //Better described as spiritual as opposed to religious // Loves solitude, music, writing, reading, meditation, tai chi, exercise, animals, video games, anime and learning new things. // Believes only thing that tv's are good for are console video game systems, dvd/blue ray players and music channels. // Will watch discovery channel, national geographic channel, sci fi channel, a few others & The Young and the Restless // will not watch almost everything else // High School Grad. - Robert E. Lee Sr. High, Houston, TX // College Grad. - Dillard University, New Orleans, LA // Goals - To live comfortably, To satisfy my soul, thats all, that encompasses so very much. //Aliases - Ronin, Cesam Enaj, JMayes, Chali Sparks, Funk DeLa Rouz, Bump //

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