I love music. I always have since the day I was born. If the beat, rhythm, and harmonics are there you can find me shaking my head or tapping with my hands and feet to every genre of music that there is and that to come. This is what drives me to create music today. Whats in my head flow through my heart and out it comes. I literally dream of songs and music and upon awakening try to make it reality. I'm Mr.Instra-Mental and music has always been my passion. So now I follow my heart to see where the passion leads.

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I want to thank you for stopping by. I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay.I have such a vast array of instrumental songs in my catalog that it will take more than a day, a week, a month to upload them all, plus be on the lookout for spoken-word, rap and inspirational songs I do understand most people like words in song that they can identify with. I do sincerely thank you for stopping by and hope to hear from you again soon, 'till next we meet. Mr. Instra-Mental
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