When I played with  Willie Nelson in Panama City he thanked me and my band for being on the same ticket as him. He was very polite and inspired me to no end.  He told me to listen to myself--not other people because they will steer you wrong.  He made me feel like every second I've ever spent on music was well worth it!  I even got to go in the "Honeysuckle Rose" for a while! Yahooo! 
           Willie said to follow music with all my heart and soul!  Earlier, we signed with COMSTOCK RECORDS in Arizona.  My band "The Cove Hotel Band" made a CD that was sent overseas and was well played on 42 stations.   Satellite radio carried our tunes in 10 countries.  Recently signed with Eddie Caldwell's company "Music of the Sea", for a three year contract which includes "Before the World Stops Spinning" March 14, 2023

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#5 United States
#5 North America
#2 Florida
#5 Broadjam Earth
#1 Production-Male Vocals
#1 Production-Up Tempo
#1 Rock Alternative
#1 Rock

#1 Florida
#1 Production Mixed Vocals
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#1 Blues-Chicago
#1 Blues
#1 United States
#1 North America
#1 Broadjam Earth

#7 Rock Alternative

Thank You Broadjam Family!

January 6, 2022
Catnip Pat BMI

Capt. Nemo's Underwater Studio!

Well Hello There and Thanks For Stopping By!
I've been a member for almost 20 years and have enjoyed what Broadjam has done for my music as well as everybody else's! It's a great format to improve your music beyond what is already good and i have learned some good tricks from Ya'll!
I've already had International success and once you have even a little success it fuels you for higher things! I've finally gotten "Capt. Nemo's Underwater Studio" to cutting edge level and with my new "Apollo" and "Native Instruments", will soon be going to the Moon! Feel free to listen to any songs and forward any thoughts or ideas that you might have! I continue to write, sing, record and perform around the Panama City area as I have done for the last 50 years!
Good Luck with Your Music and I wish you much success and happiness in your musical pursuits! Catnip Pat
March 14, 2023

Pat Muth Artist/Performer

Pat Muth has been playing in and around Panama City, Florida in one form or another since the late sixties.

Pat started out his professional music career at Florida State University in 1970 when he won first place out of 255 entries at Ruby Diamond Auditorium. Winning prize was a coffeehouse date where he played with Jerry Jeff Walker, writer of "Bojangles". Later coffeehouse appearances had Pat performing alongside Joni Mitchell's husband Chuck Mitchell as well as Arlo Guthrie and Hanson & Alger from Atlanta, Georgia.
Pat had a regional hit with "Gotta Find Me a Woman" with his band "Tarbaby" in 1973 and performed with Eric Carmen and the "Rasperries" before playing a wide range of dates in and around Florida including the Biltmore Hotel in Miami, Florida. In January, 1993 the "Bullseye" album was rereleased in Europe on GearFab Records and is still doing well!
For the last 30 years, Pat has performed with his band "The Cove Hotel Band", which has a large local following around the Panama City area and has included stints with Willie Nelson and other well knowns.
Cove Hotel released "Checking In" in 1988.
Pat got a chance to warm up for Willie Nelson when he played in PC in 1997 and continues to play with the legendary "Cove Hotel Band".
Pat is working on the seventh CD that will feature "Before The World Stops Spinning", recently #1 on 8 Top 10 charts including #1 on Broadjam Earth!
UPDATE: Flabbergasted at the great works I am hearing everyday on Broadjam! Keep up the Great work! You guys are carrying the HAPPY flag for everybody! This what it is all about!
January 6, 2022

  • Member Since: 2007


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Thanks for recent nice review and score on "question of love " "holiday time" and "storm of days". It is appreciated

2 Replies

No Problem Steve! Keep up the good work! Pat

Hi Steve! Thanks for the review of "Ruby Diamond Elephant Race!" Ha! You added stars where there weren't any vocals! Ha Ha! Hilarious! Pat

Hey there Pat, a million thanks for your very thoughtful review of "Sounds Like Love" - I did it a while ago, I think I was just using the stock Halion Yamaha piano, it's been pretty reliable over the years. Your comments really made me smile, I mean that's why we do this right? - to make an impact, that's the magic I think. Thank you again!

1 Replies

You are certainly welcome Diane! I have grown to love Broadjam and reviewing other's songs! Taking tips from others has really helped my craft! "Sounds like Love" will be picked up by someone I am sure! I'll be listening to you more as time goes by!! Be sure to notify me if something big happens because it will! Catnip

Hi again Patrick,
Thank you so much for the positive review of my song "I Will Find You". That's one that I sang and in full transparency, it takes a bit of work/tuning for me to get it to sound like it does... and even with that, I'd much prefer to have a real singer singing it! ;)

I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and provide such meaningful comments.

Be and stay well,

2 Replies

Frank I listened to some of your other stuff love seeing the pic of you sitting in front of the old sliders. will be listening more---take care! Pat

Thanks Patrick! Yeah that's an older pic and my setup is still pretty much the same except I replaced the old Fostex sliders with Yamah 01V96 ones! And now I've got this fancy-smancy Redragon RGB Mechanical Keyboard (love the everchanging rainbow of colors)! Also, that mic has been replaced by various others from a USB Audio Technica to a classic Neumann... oooooo-ahhhhhhh!

Thanks for checking out the pics... I know you had to scroll through a bunch of "song covers" to find em.

I just had a peruse of your pics... love all the band photos!! Keep on Rockin' On! :)


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