Talented and humbly engaging, with a unique ability to paint vivid pictures of life and its beauties and struggles, Keeton has created a collection of honest, original songs to take you on an emotional journey. After leading Houston rockers, The 71's, for more than 6 years with their bravado and in-your-face attitude, Keeton has re-created his sound with his poetic songwriting and musical abilities and brings a brand new collection of authentic, heartfelt songs from his new album.

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Keeton masterfully covers a large area of ground on the four song EP. He shares his introspective view on life - how the important things aren't necessarily what you go looking for, but what you stumble on and what is meant to be in the end.

We're Gonna Break Out or Break S

We're Gonna Break Out or Break Something!" - The 71's

Anthemic pop hooks, explosive guitars, a crashing rhythm section and a sense of purpose fortified by faith in the power of rock and roll - welcome to the loud, proud, wild world of The 71's.

Starting off 2012 with a bang, the band raised a mind-boggling, fan-supported $14,000 through a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign to create the final chapter in the Rock and Roll Reaction trilogy. Their full-length studio album, Rock and Roll Reaction Volume 3, is currently being recorded and mastered at Valve Studios in Dallas, Texas.

The songs in the trilogy represent a detailed map of the band's experiences over the last 18 months - writing, recording, producing, booking and touring independent of a record label or management while dealing with day to day life along the way. The new album will be for their tribe of fans who have enthusiastically supported the band along the way, not only with their hard-earned money, but also by spreading the word through social media and word of mouth.

Keeton Coffman, the band's front-man and primary song writer, explains, "Music is not a quest for fame or a means to an end, it is the end itself. We're just four guys in search of rock and roll heaven ... here on Earth."

The Path
The story begins with the debut full-length album We Are Locomotive (2009) and the addictive single, "Start Again." The band made headlines across Houston when the song's video, featuring Keeton Coffman, guitar strewn across his back, leads an all-out rock parade through the aisles of an unsuspecting Wal-Mart. The year ended with Houston's leading alternative radio station ("The Buzz" - 94.5 FM) naming The 71's "Best New Band in Houston."

The 71's have been played on MTV, VH1, the BRAVO network, and their song and video for "All Tied Up" from Rock and Roll Reaction Volume 1 (2010) was featured by Houston's CBS affiliate in their pre-game coverage of the Houston Texans. Rock and Roll Reaction Volume 2 (2011) showcased "Angel Eyes", a hard-driving, serious-minded song about the obsessive pull of forbidden sex contrasted by the upbeat, positive, almost pop-sounding "Get Up and Dance" whose subsequent video made the Houston Press' "Best Music Videos of 2011" list, the only Houston band to receive this honor.

A New Breed
What makes The 71's unstoppable - and so much fun - is their live show. Described by the Houston Press as "Foo Fighters-esque, ball-throbbing, and hip-hip hooray," the band just wants to have fun. "These songs run in our blood and represent who we are. Playing shows isn't a choice, it's a calling," says Coffman. The 71's are just as comfortable playing a rock show for thousands, opening for national acts at Houston's Moody Gardens, doing live television performances, playing at smaller intimate venues, or performing acoustic shows for fans and friends.

The band makes much of their music available for free on their website www.the71s.com, or for purchase on iTunes or Amazon. For more information or an interview, please contact The 71's at info@the71s.com.

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Jeff Rauschl
over 30 days ago to Keeton Coffman Music

The Ghost... Beautiful. One time through and I',m walking around the job singing the chorus to myself. Thats good song writing!

Vi: 00110110
over 30 days ago to Keeton Coffman Music

I thought for sure this was your year...

Maybe next year sir.

Happy to have found your music via Six Pack...love your work!

2 Replies
Keeton Coffman Music
over 30 days ago

Thank you Peter - K

Keeton Coffman Music
over 30 days ago

Thank you Peter - K

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