Al is a classically trained pianist, who also has played the drums and guitar. He is a music producer of all types of music. All songs are written, performed and recorded in his personal studio, Portside STudio.

Al has a wide range of music that he produces and markets for a variety of uses, including background music for Film/TV and Video Games. Al also has two albums out "A World Beyond" and "Soothing Melodies".

Al is a member of American Society Of Composers Authors and Publishers, Broadjam, Taxi, and a few other music companies.


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BIO: Primary instrument is piano, but I also play the drums and guitar. I am an easy guy to work with. I have an accumulated library of my own music, approximately 100 instrumental songs, classical, contemporary, dance, rock, experimental, new age, and more.....

EXPERIENCE: 8 years of private piano lessons, primarily classical from age 8 to 16. 7+ Years working in a studio, recording, editing and producing music.

CREDITS: Over the past 8 years I've won several music contests, including being named one of the Top 100 Best Emerging Artists Of 2006 in American Idol Magazine. I launched and maintain my own on-line radio station that plays only my music and has been very successful averaging 1500 listening hours a month from paid subscribers, at Live - station is titled "Soothing Melodies". I've also produced 2 albums, one in 2007 titled: A World Beyond and another in 2012 title: Soothing Melodies.

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