Ambient Artist William Edge creates rich evocative sound scapes that transport you to the outer boundaries of space. His CDs - a back catalog of 9 - portray man's struggle to understand and explore the farthest reaches of the universe.

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The Uber-lush and transporting sounds created by the American composer WILLIAM EDGE epitomize the beyond-the-curve outer space sub-genre of ambient music. Not about technicality or performance, but instead the combining of sounds and music to create an extraordinary and individual experience for the listener, this music is also perfect for TV and movie soundtracks as well as advertising commercials.

Born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida, he was surrounded from a young age by the roots sounds of the Deep South. First studying classical piano at the tender age of six and switching to jazz upon entering his teens, his muses included such legendary influences as Dave Brubeck, Ramsey Lewis and Stevie Wonder. After receiving an MBA from Florida State University, he embarked upon a brilliant and successful career in computer technology, but his love of electronic music still remained a dominant force in his life.

His passion soon morphed from that of an avocation to lifelong profession, when he began composing the first of a series of works on the computer and creating his own record label, Sounds Blue Music,both of which culminated in the conception of his new trilogy, representing man’s journey to the end of the universe and perfectly paralleling Edge’s own sojourn through life.
The premier CD of this long-awaited trilogy, JOURNEY TO THE EDGE: 76 LIGHT YEARS, was written in the latter part of 2001 and released in June 2004 and followed by the second CD

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