Wess Meets West is an instrumental electronic infused rock band from the East.

"Wess Meets West, who offer all the orchestration of Explosions in the Sky...The music goes beyond anthemic -- it soars, it crescendos, it breaks the wall of sound. When they interacted with one another onstage, it was to recharge themselves for the next onslaught"-www.CTINDIE.com

"Huge epic indie quasi-metal in the vein of Russian Circles. There were a few moments when the band appeared as though it could force a crescendo through pure energy".-Hartford Advocate

Wess Meets West

Wess Meets West began in late 2005 and was created by Sam Stauff (The Morning After, My Holy Ghost, A Paper Tugboat). Initially, it was intended as solely an electronic music project supplemented by Sam on guitar. The project stayed this way until February 2008 when Sam recruited bass player Bryan Gottshall and drummer Jesse Vengrove, turning Wess Meets West into a live band. The band fused it's electronic roots with it's newly found live elements, bringing the music to a whole new level and finally allowing the music to be performed in a live setting.

Wess Meets West's first Album (You Women...) is a small collection of songs and experiments, mostly consisting of guitar driven atmospheric jams with electronic undertones. This EP was produced when it was still Sam's solo project. However, since the addition of Jesse and Bryan, Wess Meets West wrote new material that showcased their new sound. (How To Kill A Mammoth) is the result of taking Wess Meets West to a full band and live setting yet still incorporating electronic sounds. How To Kill A Mammoth was recorded by Port City Recording (operated by Sam and Bryan) at Mercy College in White Plains, New York.

2009 Finds Wess Meets West back as a solo project still will the help of friends when needed. The new Album (The Sun The Moon The Master) is done and in the mastering process.

A Collection Of Explosions And Death Threats is an EP from Wess Meets West. The EP consists of all B-sides from previous works. Out Now.

Sam has recently collaborated with singer songwriter John Nolan (Taking Back Sunday, Straylight Run) with the song "The Bering Sea", check it out on Nolan's myspace:

The new Album (The Sun The Moon The Master) featuring Steve "Woody" LaCerra on Drums and Bryan Gottshall on Bass is now being mastered and will be out soon.

Sam Currently plays live with A Paper Tugboat and Eager Sails.

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