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"Fast, funny, and fun melodic pop-punk brought to you by three young men who have a great love for good music. Try to listen without tapping your feet!" -Flatland Music Festival guide 2002

"To tell you the truth, all the successes that we've had as a band so far, have been very rewarding," explains Weak at Best's charismatic lead singer, Jim Demeray. "Getting to play with bands that we've idolized is nothing less than a dream come true."

While members of the Regina-based melodic punk band choose to remain humble of their accomplishments, one couldn't blame them if they were to come across as somewhat proud. After all, since they formed in September 2000, the band sold out of the 200 do-it-yourself E.P.s they produced, in less than two months. If that wasn't enough, they've been given the opportunity to share the stage with a bevy of acts, including Face to Face, Saves The Day, Gob, Satanic Surfers, Good Riddance, and Straight Faced. By all accounts, the guys have more than held their own, and were openly praised by Saves The Day for their "great live show."

For all the fun they have on stage, the band takes their music seriously.

They're constantly trying to perfect their blend of powerful and melodic punk. The band rose from the ashes of a previous project that featured Jim and drummer Danny Elder, called Two Cents Worth. After going through no less than 5 bassists, the guys met Devan Sperlie who was playing bass for a local-hardcore group called Blown Gasket. Up

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