Vougeot, pronounced voo-ZHOH, performs with the prime quality of the wine that is her namesake. Vougeot creates and sings music that is "haunting, definitely worth listening time and again...melodic, with some real structure for change," with a voice that is "soft, clear, at times operatic...entrancing." Vougeot's is a show not to be forgotten.

Trained on classical violin from ten years of age, Vougeot lends her artistic intensity to the dramatic masters Beethoven, Brahms, and Rachmaninoff, and her powerful and emotive vocals to pop divas: Whitney, Céline, and Lara Fabian.

Vougeot takes the Grand Prize in the Great American Song Contest of among over 4,000 songs worldwide TWICE; in 2003 with "Walls of Glass," and this year with her pop/rock hit, "Let It Burn," which was also "Song of the Month" at SongwriterUniverse.com. Both hits were expertly co-created with Sony producer Dave Pickell (Bryan Adams, Lara Fabian), and are being solicited for Major Motion Picture soundtracks.


Vougeot just chosen as a top finalist in The Indie Show television competition with her pop/rock hit "Let It Burn!"

"Let It Burn" also recently won Song of the Month at SongwriterUniverse. To add to these successes, Vougeot's power ballad, "Walls of Glass," was the GRAND PRIZE WINNER in the 2003 Great American Song contest of among over three thousand songs worldwide!

VOUGEOT (pronounced voo-ZHOH) began musical training on the violin at age ten under the tutelage of several masters. While attending the University of Minnesota Honors Division to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy, Vougeot continued violin studies with the acclaimed University Symphony Orchestra, as conducted by Murry Sidlin.

After her graduation with summa cum laude honors, while singing the National anthem and the French-Canadian anthem on the pitchers' mounds for Major League baseball teams such as the New York Yankees, NY Mets, SD Padres, SF Giants, and the MN Twins, Vougeot spent her time writing, arranging, and recording her album debut," Streets."

"It’s a good thing that we don’t have a dome, because she’d blow the top right off!"
--- Paul Mastrotasqua
Physical Trainer of the
New York Yankees

Vougeot records regularly with producer Matt "The Doctor" Fink, longtime former keyboardist of Prince and the Revolution, and producer Karl Demer of Atomic K Records, both with whom she is recording songs toward the completion of her second album. Vougeot's current internationally award-winning songs, "Walls of Glass" and "Let It Burn" were co-written and co-produced with prominent Canadian Sony producer Dave Pickell, (Bryan Adams, Lara Fabian, and Anne Murray), and are now being shopped for feature placement on a Major Motion Picture soundtrack.

Inspired by her deep love for animals, Vougeot is on a mission: to become the largest voice for the animals in the music industry. For the past two years, Vougeot has been selected as one of four performers at AR2004 & AR2005, the Annual National Animal Rights Conference in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles consecutively. She is currently producing a compelling show to tour worldwide which incorporates the video projection of animal and environmental images in all their magnificence and, occasionally but effectively, in the atrocious situations into which they are thrust by humans. Her highest hopes are to heighten awareness and open hearts to the intrinsic value of animals and to the reality that animals are sentient beings just like us.

After having walked the red carpet as a guest at the 2001 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, she is determined to produce that major hit so she may walk it again in 2007… as a performer and as a nominee.


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Dynamic tunes Shawn. Bravo...keep steady. -patti

blackbird--pretty neat--thanxs--joe.

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Shawn Vougeot (voo-ZHOH)
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Thank you, NashvilleJoe! Great production on "Meet You At the Rodeo." Listening to your song inspires me to want to feature you (at no cost) on my musician's blog, http://www.sellmoremusiconline.wordpress.com. 1 If you would like to be featured, send an email to shawn@sellmoremusiconline.com with subject heading "Featured Musician." I will e-mail you the info needed to feature you. Sign up to receive blog posts in the upper right corner of the blog and feel free to share this invitation with all of your musician friends so we can get you and your talented musician friends more exposure in 2012! Best musical wishes!! ~Shawn

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hey shawn--thanks for the invite--too busy right now to join in--later date--joe.

let it burn--wow!--great stuff--5 stars--see ya--joe.

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