I have written music since I was five. I got real tired of those colors. ( learn by color technique. ) I studied music until the instructors walked in and said " what do you think ? "I knew I was in trouble, learning was done. ( Colorado University, Cecil Effinger.") My son bought me a writing program in '05. What an amazing gift, I don't care where I go, what an amazing gift. I can now write what I hear in my head.

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no1. Rewriting songs that have been accepted by listeners on Brodjam, and/or Jango.
no.2 Create and load video's
no.3 (aaah thats enough, you guess, aint been fishin, very unhealthy!


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Hi Lawrence-I really enjoyed "Pace" (piano and cello) and "Haven". Both were very beautiful and well done.

Thanks for listening to "Head in the Clouds" and "Too Far Away". I appreciate the stars and playlist additions.

Randall Mark
over 30 days ago to Lawrence K. Bodien

Hi Lawrence. Thx for the stars on "Desert Road" and friending me. Keep up your good eclectic music!

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