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Our Story

OK easy stuff first... UNDER ADAMS is:
Heather - vocals
Steve - guitar
Jack - Keys
Chris - Bass
Dave - Drums

We are a group of musicians from New England that came together within the last 5
years to work on our own style of original music. Original and disctinctive brand of modern rock is what you will hear. Not your typical rock group we have diverse backgrounds and varied training on the music business to draw from. Back to the beginning: Under Adams took the name from the experimental breeding ground of it's foundation - LITERALLY! At that time some 5 odd years ago, Christian had some musical acquiantances get together to bang out a few tunes... some time tested original material, some covers, some new ideas etc... leaving out the name of an ex-member or 2 the lineup included Dave DerBoghosian ( C Spot Run, Machine Cut Nova) drummer from previous live acts who had a Rock and Roll past jamming with Steve Briggs - guitar player extrodanaire! Through another bandmember they also enjoyed the talents of a new comer a fresh face with a musical degree under her belt. And yes the songwriter had a great voice too! Enter Heather (then Erickson) to the equation. After working out some incredible originals and showcasing at a local gig or 2 the addition of old friend Jack on the Keys. In the spring of '05 work on Tabula Rasa (our kickin 5 song CD) concludes and now we have our own new testament and old testament burned into 1 slab of melodic grinding and moody pop and rock and roll! THE SONGS:

Pop Song - fun, rockin and a little retro - this would be our calling card, our single, it's our enthusiasm boiled down into a 3:42 slice of pop rock LISTEN

No Starz - our own spacy vehicle for the classic lyrics of Chris Bachmann and a burning guitar solo by our own Mr Briggs. Born from the sound of Tori Amos meets Rush meets Jaco meets Black Sabbath meets the Beatles meets David Bowie meets Duran Duran, a real Space Oddity! LISTEN

Fears - Heather works through the dark possibilities of her dreams. What is real and
what are the scariest things only your mind will come up with. This is our broody yearning for peace of mind. Will we ever get there? Who knows we will just rock out in our angst crippled manic styling ala' Staind and hang on 'till the somber last notes

Out of the Darkness - The quiet to loud and shade to light contrast is what this one feels like. It surprises by lulling you into a whisper a tiny bell ringing in the background and when you relax, before you can brace yourself a sonic blast bangs you off your feet. It's the same as your dream of flying... being off your feet and floating only to awaken to find yourself in a free fall out of the darkness LISTEN

Angry Afghan Rug - Climb Aboard. This is fast and furious. Our last statement usually, this brings down the house! This could be another magic carpet ride except
IT ROCKS! There are bombs going off and your trying to hang on. The instruments here are ANGRY and Heather kicks up a scream to let you know your in for the ride of your life. Hang in though because Dave's drum fills will spin you right into the ground! Somewhere in Afghanistan a lonely, psychotic man is kicking ass. LISTEN

A lot more could be said of the musicians and songwriters assembled here but, come see us for yourself.. We let the music do the talking.

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