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RoseDetroit - Pop Rose is interested in only creating music for the current Pop market. Working closley with her Partner G. Brittain / Producer She has come up with a very original but current Pop identity. Her looks alone was enough to attract Markey Bass to listen to her music. She has a very original style from looks to music and it was out of her own writing and creating that she is evolving in Detroit very rapidly.

Brittain - POP-Rock - R/B
Real Americans - Country

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Have made it to TV. On the young and restless. Have two more songs being considered for movies. Just inked a deal, details in a few weeks. Thabks peeps

Transilence Recording / 421 Soun

For the past few years Transilence and 421 sound have been collecting Artists from writers / Musicians to Producers and is gaining ground in the Detroit area. 421 sound is doing a brisk studio business in hard times. Creative levels are rising


Owning the recording studio allows us to work with several Artists at various times, giving us the time and energy to Produce music that is innocative and new. Many of the Artists we work with have many different styles and venues that they persue. So we will pass on comparasons and only categorize the songs as follows. Rock / Jazz / POP and on.


Current Radio / Top 40 / Modern Music / Public and Internet Radio


Transilence Recordings owns and operates a 32 track fully automated digital studio. Pro tools, MV8800. We work mostley with current sounds and styles that are on Radio right now as you read this. We prefer to deal with the musicians that are not stuck in the past or on one particular style and or sound. Dealing with current music is and always will be the next road to travel. We always look to find a way to raise the bar. We focus on creating new and exciting music. Our to reach the latest or creating it..

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