Born at a very early age up in a redwood forest north of San Francisco. Was grown as I went thru the 60s. Won some, lost some, have kids & grand kids and I am now terminal but continue to amuse myself with song and art. Need money like so many.

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I'm still breathing and singing 'tho I've reached my 18th month of my diagnosed 18 months due to lung cancer. I also have diabetes II & Heart Disease, but for some reason I'm happy. Could it be cuz I'm JW and music is soothing.
Young people will do just fine. It's the song that counts, be humble in a mad world and give a lot. Look for deep harmonic sounds that enlighten, encourage love and unity not competition.

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A musical mom and grandma, both professional 'in demand , lounge players of their era convinced me to stay away from such a hard career. I did and became a hobbyist (a musical artist/shaper of sound) influenced by generations of pop and rock having grown up and thrived near the S F Bay Area in the 40s, 50's, 60s to current country side of the south coast of Oregon, growing old, singing and playing my way out, with hope someone will hear my heartfelt effort of originals & covers. So, I'm not competing with anyone here, there nor anywhere, just feel sensual about singing & playing and like you hope someone hears other than me. Sing and let sing with less commercialism, like before amps.


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Lawrence K. Bodien
over 30 days ago to t nicholas t

danka lkb

Chet Nichols
over 30 days ago to t nicholas t


Thanks for the nice review of my song, "Good Times". So, glad you like it. It comes from a recent CD, "Sunday Morning".

You will be in my prayers for continued good health. You know, more than most, that everyday is a gift.

Please stop by my prayer site and share it with others: 1

God Bless You, my man.

Chet Nichols
Inductee - The Kansas Music Hall of Fame

over 30 days ago to t nicholas t

hey BUDDY--thanxs for the nice review of my song/CAR LOT BLUES/--had a lot of fun with that one--cheers--joe.

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