TJ Scott is a singer/songwriter and an audio engineer in the making with very ambitious and diverse
plans that all but guarantee that she will be at the center of the next music trend. This singer does
not sing songs with little depth or meaning, yet finds space for "love and fun" in there as well. Though TJ's style may blend pop and R&B together like many popular artists have also been doing, there will also be a taste of jazz, electronica, acoustic rock, and any other genre she finds fascinating to create something new, catchy and radio friendly. As TJ furthers her knowledge of production and engineering, feel free to enjoy some of her first works on the songs page, but keep checking back because new stuff will be here as soon as she can get it to you. Namaste!

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Haunting, diverse, angelic, magnetic, alluring--all have been used to describe the powerfully impressionistic voice of TJ Scott. Immerging from Seattle, but born and raised in Colorado, this singer/songwriter has traveled and lived all around North America, taking away something from each place aiding in the creation of her upcoming, musically diverse LP, “Open To Interpretation.”

Growing up, it was classical voice lessons and musical theatre that took up most of her time and presented the life of performance to TJ, solidifying it’s role in her life and creating her career path. Throughout high school she remained active in theatre, every day devoted to singing, acting, dancing and performing. When it came time for graduation she had already been accepted to the American Musical & Dramatic Academy and promptly headed to New York City to attend, but her time there was short lived as she began heading in a completely different direction entirely—songwriting. The completion of the lyrics and melody to her first few songs was the final turning point. “Musical theatre is great!” TJ states. “I still adore it and I always will, but after awhile the novelty wore off, I guess. I was ready to get down to reality, not acting as if I was someone else all the time. I wanted to concentrate on myself and as I started writing lyrics I became so liberated, realizing I had a lot to say to whomever was willing to listen.” With such pleasing vocals, unique productions and gripping lyrics, it would be hard not to listen.

After spending a few years writing over 30 songs, it was time to head into the recording studio, but just recording was not good enough. TJ’s undying desire to know what is going on with her music and have as much creative control as possible, pushed her to enroll in school for Audio Engineering. “I’ve worked with quite a few independent producers. Some of them were great and I still work with them, but most were looking for the next moldable, pop/R&B image and they always tried to control everything: how I sang, how and when I cut my hair; they’d change my lyrics to fit what they thought I should sing about and I was tired of having to depend on people of that nature to try and get some tracks finished. As discrediting as it might sound, I just wanted to do it myself so I could do it my way.”

TJ describes her music as dramatically honest with a lot of clever wordplay, yet ALL about singing. “I take pride in the fact that I actually know how to sing. I’m sick of hearing overly processed vocals on the radio all the time. There is so much more to singing than just being able to hold a tune and being photogenic, but I also recognize that there are things that work better than others in mainstream music. So, I took some time to develop a pop-style of my own, incorporating my classical training. As for my songwriting, I get off on catchy melodies, uncommon harmonies, a ton of instruments and lyrics that say something. My lyrics aren’t all about me and my life, a lot of them are—dramatized versions of it for entertainments sake, but some of them are also about things I have seen other people close to me go through, or about things I felt would speak to people in a positive way. I also have songs that are just silly, fun and light-hearted. Variety is what I am after in everything musical I do.” Not only does she present variety lyrically, a wide variety of styles and genres explode and collide when listening to her songs. “I am influenced and inspired by SO MUCH music! I don’t know how I couldn’t incorporate a little bit of everything. I don’t understand or abide by the limits people have tried to put on genres.”

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