Titus (tNt) V. McCaleb has been involved in the music industry for over 17 years. He started coming out of junior high school forming the band 'Kamakazi'. Titus found himself traveling abroad and becoming part of a collective known as S.P.A.Z. . He has performed with 'Q-bert','Spiral Tribe', 'Bass Kru', 'Pollywog', and the various others. He was given credit by 'Formation Records' as being one of the first American MC's in drum n bass, as noted in their 'World of Drum n Bass' directory.

Currently he can be found recording with various artist, and taking on the role as a producer/engineer working with Three Kings Production, and Thoroughbred Sounds, which have both had singles played on international, and worldwide radio stations. Titus still performs and works with various jam bands, and his own band known as 'KilAwAtTz' which is a Hip-Hop/Alternative Rock/Electronica based group of producers/musicians.
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