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I am currently working on my 10th CD release. Wow it dosn't seem that long ago I was producing my first releases. This new release will probably be the best songs I've written in my entire career.

I have 6 new songs written for the new release:

* Love Alive
* Where is your heart
* 2BE
* If you can't stay
* The Impossible Dream
* In the midst of your memories

The demo "2BE" is available on here for your enjoyment. Don't shy to let me know what you think.


Welcome to the secret world of Timothy Thomas, one of the greatest acoustic guitar players in the world today. Timothy Thomas is a singer/songwriter/mulit-instrumentalist/producer with over 9 studio releases. This whole train went a rolling for Tim when he met Elvis Presley in 1976 at the International Amphitheater in Chicago. This was an event that would stay in his heart and live in his memory forever. Tim started playing music at age 7 and has quoted some of his early influences as being Elvis Presley, John Denver and Crosby Stills and Nash and Phil Collins. Through his early years he studied classical compositions for guitar and Jazz Percussion, re-writing his own arrangements to perform for school recitals.
Not feeling the challenge to progress as a writer he decided to start writing his own songs,
Tim wrote his first song in 1984 'You and I', inspired by the great poet and story teller Rydard Kipling. This progressed into a trio of releases that came to be known as The Unknown City of DestinyÃ?Â?I-II and III., an acoustical rock opera. A fictional city that Tim could set himself in and create acoustical compositions based on classical music and
acoustic guitar and finding the key to musical excellence. The ultimate honor for any aspiring musical writer.
During the late 80's Tim studied music and music business at Columbia Chicago under the great conductor, arranger, composer., William Russo who conducted the Chicago Jazz Ensemble. During his studies at Columbia he studied with vocal trainers Carol Laverde,
Jill Gabrielle and music business professor Chuck Suber whom developed Columbia's A.E.M.M.P program.,the first college based record label that placed The InsidersÃ?Â?on the road to stardom and a song on the Styx album Edge of the Century. One of Tim's most significant turning points came in 1991 through 1993 when Tim toured the college circuit bringing the performance of the Unknown City of Destiny .,an acoustical solo rock opera to stage. This had never been done before., bringing critical acclaim and wonder to local radio stations and newspapers! The only other person to date to perform a solo acoustical rock opera was Elton John back in 1978 and he had a
percussionist. Tim still remains to this date, the only musical artist in history to perform a solo acoustic rock opera.
1994 Tim needed a change of venue. Ounce based in Chicago now cross-country to Phoenix Arizona where he began writing another concept record., Walnut StreetÃ?Â?Ã?Â? based on the street he grew up as a child ., Every song on this release is in someway somehow related to growing up on Walnut Street., although the original album was suppose to have only 14 songs on it., 28 ended up being re-released as Walnut Street and Back to Walnut Street. I started listening back on all my demos and found quite a few songs related to growing up as a kid on Walnut Street., I think that is why it took so long to release it.From what I recall it took me from 1993 to 2000 to re-write, record and release it. During this time Tim also worked as a morning show producer for KZON., a local rock radio station while writing Walnut Street. Tim had this to say., I was very lucky at the time, I was able to meet pretty much all of my rock-n roll heros.
Since a very young age Tim has performed with international acts such as the late John Entwistle of The Who,Dennis DeYoung of Styx, Albert Collins,Adriane Belew, Robert Cray,Dave Mason,The Insiders,Valgur Boatman,John Prine and has opened up for many national acts.
1989 :: The Unknown City of Destiny Book I
1992 :: The Unknown City of Destiny Book II
1995 :: The Unknown City of Destiny Book III
1997 :: Sorry It's Taken So Long
1998 :: The No Hit's List
2000 :: Walnut Street CD Release I
2002 :: Back to Walnut Street II
2004 :: One More Try
2006 :: Smiles I Will Leave
2009 :: My Secret World


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Currently working on 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald' my version.

I'm so glad to be back!!.do I have new stories to tell you. New music in development right now.

Hi Everyone, I know it's been a while since I posted but life had thrown me a few curve balls. Finishing my final album has been challenging. Taking almost 10 years off outside of music. I've missed it terribly. I am currently writing for my project. Rearranging some older songs that I've never officially released to the world. When I moved to Galveston from Phoenix in 2010 I sold my studio and all the gear that I spent a lifetime accumulating and collecting. I regretted that move after I moved to Texas. Things did not work as planned with the current management company. I was left in the dust with no way home back to Phoenix. So I had to rebuild from ground up. During the pandemic I lost everything again when my storage company sold my storage locker from under me. All of my masters from all of my songs were in the storage locker in La Marque Texas. Everything that I had ever written gone. All of my family pictures, my degrees, my writing Manuel's, all my touring photos everything was gone. I was devastated hurt, mad, angry and lost all integrity I ever had for Texas.
I am an offical survivor of Hurricane Harvey and thats an entirely different story.
Enough ranting about my obstacles. I expect them now! ...

I am also working on 7 brand new songs that have function in the arrangements. ABACAB...
If you know theory you know abacab. Most of my compositions are written with this theory in mind. Most people would call it a formula. My formula...If anyone understands this then they know or have there own formula when writing lyrics or music. There's always a formula.. some are better than others. I really want to find a producer and studio. Either way it will be completed.
I hope this message finds you healthy and any happy of happy would make me feel good for you. Till next time always be good and love one another. T

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