Thomas Samuel Orr is an American Singer/songwriter, musician & Indie recording artist. Represented by BMI. The debut album "Songs of Love and Sadness" was released on April 30th. 2013. The second album "Songs of Love and Sadness 2" was released on June 4th. 2013.

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Instrumental single "Short and Sweet" was released by TuneCore on 12/27/2018.


I dunno? Its never bee this top heavy, well not since the fall of ROME...
Because, when (actual statistic),

98% of the American people are forced to compete, fight with each other, over what is now only 10% of the wealth. 10%, that's all that remains?? That's it after 2% of our so-called country-men are done feasting??? 10% of the kill to feed 98% of the tribe? That kind of greed is not simply unethical on multiple levels, it's also shameless.

See, that's not only immoral, it's criminal.

well infrastructures collapse, rot out like teeth. And some men will burn down this world just to rule over the ashes?? Why?

your friend,
- Crawford Hurst

Signal 30
over 30 days ago to Thomas Samuel Orr

Thanks so much for the kind review of our song Sue Me. The song idea came to me when a friend of mine told me about her plane ride coming over here from England. The pilot told all the passengers that they had to learn a new phrase in America. I'm going to sue!!!

Chet Nichols
over 30 days ago to Thomas Samuel Orr

Hey Thomas,

Thanks for the nice review of my song, "I Come From Chicago". Going up in the Chicago in the 40's. 50's and 60's, I have had a longtime love for the blues. This song is a tribute to all the great blues players I love and have played with.

The song comes an upcoming classic rock/blues CD, "Band In The Basement", a TRIBUTE CD to my popular Chicago band from the 60's, "The Chosen Few". Stop by if you'd like to hear more....


Chet Nichols
Inductee - The Kansas Music Hall Of Fame

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